Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gender Reality Checks

For every transsexual woman there are roughly 100 crossdressing, male identified transgenders.

Not one trans person has EVER suffered any physical harm from being excluded from a Dianic group.  Not...One...Single...One.

The cries of "you are killing us" are utter bullshit but what is real is that a core practice of today's so called transadvocates, trans and other wise IS the attempt to destroy the careers of any woman (it is almost always aimed at women) who opposes anything less than full "inclusion" (read forcing into women oriented groups that have the right to decide who joins them) and maximize the damage to their lives.  This is the very essence of gynophobia by the way.

Every single method of attack that so called TERFs are accused of was perfected by advocates of "transgender" against post operative transsexual and intersexed women for years, every damn one of them.   Personal knowledge on this one......

Women do NOT kill transwomen, men do.  Men with internalized homophobia who freak out after having or fantasizing about sex with "chicks with dicks" in almost all cases.  Almost all the victims are poor trans women of colour but it is white "transgenders" who scream "you are killing us" loudly.  Tell me how this is not appropriation of the experiences of a sub group they are not members of.

Anyone who's gender identity is so damn fragile that it is destroyed by someone mis-gendering them needs the therapy that transsexed women were forced into to get "permission" for body correction.  Is the experience of being mis-gendered annoying?  Oh hell yes, is it life threatening in any fashion?  Oh hell no.  Believe it or not, a lot of non-trans women experience being mis-gendered as well without being psychologically destroyed by it.

Having an innie is vastly different than having an outie psychologically, that is just a basic fact.

Transgender people today have a much much easier time "transitioning" because of the women who came before them but they attack and erase those same women.  Nobody knows this better than I do.  But you would never know this by all the pissing and moaning going on about "how hard it is"  Damn straight it's hard, trying learning from the experience instead of whining about it.   Those who came before had it much much worse, trust me.  Oh, all those things trans people claim are transphobic in nature almost always actually experiencing the loss of male privilege.  Almost all women experience it but you didn't know that did you?

The backlash by non-trans women was CAUSED by the excessive demands of the transgender movement, they literally invented it with over the top attacks on feminism.  It did NOT exist 15 years ago.  Forgotten by most is that NOW was trans-affirming LONG before HRC, GLAAD or any other gay rights group.

When a trans identified person joins a woman only group, it becomes all about the trans and issues important to non-trans women are often then put on the back burner or worse yet, declared "non-inclusive" and thus off limits.  I have personally witnessed this over and over and over.  This tends not to happen with women of transsexed or intersexed history who are happy to be included in the discussion in the first place.

Actual transsexual women have existed  in every human culture at every point in history.  The lesson from this is essential identity as female or male is not constructed and the difference between the central nervous system of men and women is real.   In the past 35 years more than 800 peer reviewed scientific studies have confirmed this.  But it is important to note, that actual transsexual women and intersexual women are a tiny minority within what is called "transgender" today.  So called "gender identity" is vastly more complex than either side wants to admit.   There are pre-natal central nervous system hardwiring components as well as socialization ones.  It is NOT either/or.

And I will leave you with one last thought:  Trans experience is the only one in human history where the "experts" are those who never actually finish the journey and those who do finish it are the heretics.  Think long and hard on that one folks.

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