Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More on Manifesting

Most Pagans will tell you they work in magic but when you look at how they live that would seem at odds with the claim.  Often they are struggling just to get by, constantly online begging spells to fix this or that in their lives, living in the shadows afraid family and friends will discover they are Pagans.

First understand this, a life devoid of challenges is devoid of learning.  You cannot expect things to be handed to you on a platter because you are "magical" because the reality is you are not and no amount of witchcrap books, Pagan bling and teenaged spirited spell work is going to change that.  Far too many become involved in Paganism seeking personal power over what they see lives of powerlessness.

What is lacking is spirituality, working with the Divine principles of the Universe regardless of how you name that, working for goals beyond your own petty desires.  When you set out to achieve (manifest) a large goal you should expect large challenges along that way, that is how the Universe works for if that was easy, everyone would be doing it and few actually are.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is not just a principle of physics, it is an expression of the old idea of standing in balance and moving the point of balance or restoring it will require work.

Can you stand outside your own ego and see the world as a semi detached observer?  Including your own life?  Because if the answer is no, then you cannot work magic or manifest into the world.  If hardship brings on choruses of "woe is me" or "life is unfair" you are failing to see you might have lessons to learn in this turn on the wheel you are refusing to learn.  Instead of woe is me, look for the lesson.

Change your goals and you change your life, that is magic.  Work with the Universe instead of against it and maybe you can change at least part of the world.  Strive for balance and see what you can actually manifest.

Many people have told me how hard my own life has been but I do not see it that way.  I strive for large goals and thus face large challenges but although I am poor by most people's standards, my life is rich by my own standards.  My own work is far from done and no doubt I shall face many more challenges before it ends but it is a good life, largely other directed but provides me with what I need mainly as a side benefit of a goal to manifest into the world a place of healing, for those to learn and rebuild their lives and to demonstrate how to live in harmony with the Universe.  Every time I faced major challenges along the way there has been no shortage of those telling me to give up, that what I was trying to do was impossible, that you cannot fight city hall.  And yet here I am.


  1. Thank you for this, I love how you put things in such a clear cut perspective, and how you lay it out neatly, and your frankness is refreshing and most welcome!

  2. When you change your outlook it's easier to step outside oneself and work to change a bad situation around

  3. Thank you for shouting out if there were more women around like you sharing monumental points of view we wouldn't need a prime minister and the country would soon be out of trouble. I love your directness and self disciplined way of seeing things in these times or hardness and cruelty I sometimes forget to keep my sense of humor in check blessed be ♡